PLANNING | What is a good timeframe in which to order my invitations? TOP

Please contact Slieberry Designs plenty of time in advance before your invitation send-off date so we can schedule you in accordingly.  We recommend starting the design process 1-2 months before send-off dare for Collwction designs, and 3 months or more for custom work.

PLANNING | Should I order extra invitations? TOP

Yes, we recommend ordering an extra 10% to allow for unexpected guest list additions and keepsakes.

DESIGN | What is a Collection design? TOP

It is a design that is pre-created, but can be customized with the style/layout, wording, fonts, and colors that fit your event.

DESIGN | I already have an existing design, can you create something to match it? TOP

Yes, we can try to create invitations and collateral to match your design.

DESIGN | Do you sell digital files? TOP

Yes, any design is available as a digital file for you to print on your own or take to a local printer.

DESIGN | Do you offer assembly services? TOP

Yes, priced additionally depending on quantity and complexity.

DESIGN | Can you match a specific color? TOP

Yes, if a hardcopy swatch or color code is provided we can do our best to match the color as close as possible.

DESIGN | Do you offer design in languages other than English? TOP

Yes, however, languages using characters may be limited in typefaces.

PRINTING | How do I open the PDF files? TOP

PDF files are opened in the program Adobe Acrobat, which is compatible with Mac or PC computers. You can download Adobe Acrobat (for free!) on the Adobe company website. If you have a Mac, the files might open in Preview by default.

PRINTING | For print-on-your-own printing, kind of paper should I use / request? TOP

We recommend 80 lb, 100 lb, or 110 lb cover stock.  Make sure to get samples and do a test print first.  Some of our favorite paper vendors are Cards & Pockets, Paper & More and Paper Presentation.

PURCHASING | What payment methods do you accept? TOP

We accept personal and cashier's checks as well as debit and credit cards through PayPal.